5 reasons to invest in Odd Molly

Successful journey – from clothes to lifestyle concept

With the journey from clothes only to full concept completed, Odd Molly is now a lifestyle concept brand with broadened offering and distribution. Collections are split into multiple “drops” to ensure that Odd Molly delivers the right garment at the right time, with a steady news flow to increase in-season sales.

Omni-channel offering

Odd Molly has an omni-channel offering with sales segmented into both Retail and Wholesale, and an increased focus on own channels to drive profitability. Except for physical stores within the Retail segment, Odd Molly runs its own web-shop targeting over 30 markets.

Scalable store concept

Odd Molly has developed a brand-based store concept that stands out, while at the same time being extremely scalable. The concept is easy to establish and adapt depending on size, location and demand.

Flexible business model

Odd Molly has a customized set-up by market for international growth. In key markets, Odd Molly has its own sales force, and in strategic markets the company works through agents. In selected markets where there is a potential to establish the full Odd Molly concept including stores, Odd Molly works with partners.

Solid platform

Odd Molly’s collections have a clear design expression. The company’s strong culture, shared with external partners and friends, has ever since its start in 2002 helped drive the business forward. Furthermore, the combination of a customer-focused expansion strategy and a flexible business model is a strength that enables growth in the changing consumer goods sector.