Business model

Odd Molly sells its products partly to external retailers around the world and partly to consumers through physical stores, the web shop, outlets and shop-in-shops. In the last year sales were evenly distributed between wholesale and retail.

For the past several years Odd Molly has had sales responsibility for retailers in Scandinavia and the US, which provides a better understanding of, and opportunity to impact sales in, these key markets. Odd Molly also has partners who franchise the business in a number of markets.

With agents in other markets, Odd Molly can achieve an optimal mix of retailers with the right image and brands but without major capital expenditure. The agent in turn receives the exclusive right to sell Odd Molly’s products in a geographically defined market. Odd Molly periodically reevaluates its partners in terms of brand relevance and sales performance, and during the year changed a number of agents.

With their distinctive design, Odd Molly’s collections cut through trends and fashions. An Odd Molly customer can feel confident that our clothing is high quality and will last – in terms of fashionability and construction.