Business model

Odd Molly’s clear style concept enables collections that survive trends and short-term fashion influences. An Odd Molly customer can feel confident that the garments have high quality and last a long time – both in the fashion image and as a material.

Odd Molly sells its products through external dealers, through agents, own sales force and since 2018 also licensees around the world. The second part is sold through own sales to consumers in the form of physical stores, web shops and outlets as well as shop-in-shops.

As part of Odd Molly’s new strategy to strengthen international growth, the company has developed a licensing model, which involves long-term cooperation with local partners in various international markets.

The capital-efficient model creates the conditions for the local partner to grow and invest in brand and distribution, and Odd Molly receives support for a positive development of its own e-commerce, which continues to be run by the company. In 2018, Spain, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary were converted into licensing markets.

With the license model, Odd Molly can reach a relevant mix of retailers, with the right profile and brands, without the need for large capital investments. The licensee buys Odd Molly’s collections and in turn gets the right to sell Odd Molly’s range in a geographically delimited market. Odd Molly continuously reviews its partners in terms of brand relevance and sales development.