Environmental responsibility

Odd Molly’s aim is to minimize environmental impacts in the product development process. Environmental aspects are considered at every step of the production cycle, from the choice of material and production method to how the finished product is shipped to stores.

Odd Molly works actively to prevent the use of hazardous chemicals in its products and to ensure compliance with the EU’s chemical regulation, REACH. All suppliers must pledge to follow the rules on prohibited chemicals, which Odd Molly verifies through spot checks. Since 2011 Odd Molly has been a member of the chemicals group within SWEREA IVF, a knowledge platform to help member-companies prevent the use of hazardous substances in their products and improve information on chemical use.

To minimize CO2 emissions, Odd Molly’s first choice is to ship by sea or road from suppliers in Europe. If this isn’t possible, a combination of air and sea or air transports is used. Odd Molly always evaluates shipping alternatives to find the optimal solution. The aim is to minimize the number of shipments by air.

During the year more combined to shipments were sent from China. Odd Molly offsets the CO2 emissions from all the packaging in its stores through certified tree planting in South America. Odd Molly works with Human Bridge to reuse old clothing.