The CEO manages the Group and its operations within the framework resolved by the Board. The CEO is responsible for keeping the Board informed of the company’s development, reporting on significant deviations from established business plans and events that significantly impact the company’s operations, and preparing the necessary background information for the Board, e.g., regarding the company’s expansion, investments and other strategically important issues.

Group Management, which is led by the CEO, consists of the managers of key operating areas within Odd Molly. Group Management holds monthly meetings where operational issues are discussed. Moreover, Group Management annually formulates a business plan that is adopted by the Board. Daily contact between the members of Group Management is critical to effective governance and management. On May 7, 2019 Group Management consisted of Jennie Högstedt Björk (CEO), Johanna Palm, Kristin Roos, Linn Thor, Mathias Ericsson and Joakim Karlsson. The Chairman conducts an annual performance review of the CEO in accordance with the CEO’s instructions.