Molly and her drive inspire our day-to-day operations. Well-being and job satisfaction are highly valued at Odd Molly. Yoga, workouts and massage during working hours are among the activities that create greater cohesion and healthy employees. The company’s various departments also arrange team-building days for inspiration and development.

Odd Molly has a strong corporate culture and clearly defined values. It is just as important to work in structured way toward established goals as it is to enjoy going to work, to have the opportunity to grow and to develop with the company. With more responsibility comes the need for flexibility and adaptability – development isn’t accomplished without change. While we are concerned with creating a good organization to work for, everything we do is customer-centric – from design to budgeting.

We prefer to recruit internally, and many employees have grown as part of the organization. Odd Molly is a company in constant change that builds its success on good people with the right skills and attitude and who are willing to go their own way. Working actively to help employees thrive, take initiative and grow is a long-term investment in our continued growth.

Odd Molly has functions for design, sourcing, sales, accounting, logistics, marketing and retail. At year-end Odd Molly had 98 (107) employees in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and the US, of whom 92 (100) were women and 6 (7) men.