Our aspiration


“Odd Molly designs, markets and sells high-quality clothing with a distinctive design in sustainable materials.”


Odd Molly wants to help its customers to dress more sustainably and consume less resources by offering high-quality clothing with a distinctive design in sustainable materials.

WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? Global clothing consumption has never been higher than it is today. Our business concept is to offer clothing with a distinctive design and high quality that customers can use for several seasons. We also influence our customers by giving advice on how to care for clothing in a sustainable way and encouraging reuse. In this way we can help to break the resource intensity of the fashion industry, especially fast fashion. Our sustainability efforts stretch from concept and design through category planning and smart sourcing to clothing care and reuse. We listen to what our customers have to say about changing habits and lifestyles, and what they are positive about.

LONG-TERM GOAL As little impact as possible – as long a lifespan as possible.


Our clothing maintains high quality

  • We have clear goals to raise the share of sustainable materials we use.
  • The majority of the materials in our products come from sustainable sources (recycled, organic, tencel, etc.).
  • The cellulose-based fibers used in our products come from sustainable forests.
  • We use printing and coloring methods with the lowest possible environmental impact.

We have better processes

  • Sustainability is integrated in design and product development.
  • We have optimized sourcing (to minimize leftovers and unsold merchandise).

We actively promote reuse

  • All our products have information for the customer on sustainable use.


“Odd Molly wants to inspire girls of every age to free themselves from convention and follow their dreams. Odd Molly will always fight for more Mollys in the world.”


Odd Molly wants to fight for the right of girls to decide how to live their lives and contribute to society.

WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? Odd Molly is working toward a society where diversity is embraced as a positive force and where girls dare to be themselves and follow their dreams regardless of age, body type or skin color. This applies to our employees and our customers, but also the girls in our supply chain. Textiles is an industry that has done a lot to raise people out of poverty by providing jobs. The ability to support themselves gives many women greater freedom to make decisions that affect their lives. Through communication and as an ambassador, we can inspire and encourage society to fight for women’s independence.

LONG-TERM GOAL A society where girls feel a sense of freedom and dare to follow their dreams.


Our marketing reflects people of various nationalities and body types.

  • We follow the Swedish Fashion Ethical Charter’s policy when choosing models.
  • We make an active effort to show healthy, happy girls in our marketing.

We take responsibility for spreading information on sustainability issues

  • We work actively to spread information to our partners on the ILO core conventions, gender equality, diversity and freedom of expression.
  • Our employees have a deep understanding of sustainability.
  • We have a long-term association with a partner that is working on behalf of women’s rights.

We work actively to lift others

  • We have the industry’s most satisfied employees.
  • We serve as mentors.
  • We offer job opportunities to Sweden’s new arrivals. 


“Odd Molly is a brand with a mind, a heart and a conscience. Odd Molly is also a loving brand with high ambitions…”


Odd Molly wants to make a positive difference.

WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? Through our business, we have an opportunity to affect the lives of others and the environment, and to share our commitment to sustainability throughout our supply chain. We build long-term, close relationships with partners and together create fair working conditions and reduce our impact on the environment through the entire supply chain. This is done in among other ways through an open dialogue with partners and through third-party supplier audits. A key to our success is that our employees are satisfied and can develop as professionals.

LONG-TERM GOAL Long-term, trusting relationships with partners and employees that create value for those around us.


We place high demands on our suppliers

  • We perform risk assessments based on sustainability criteria of all new suppliers before signing a contract.
  • We work actively to monitor our suppliers’ social (labor rights, child labor, etc.) and environmental commitment.

We help our suppliers to improve

  • We seek long-term collaborations with our suppliers.
  • We work actively to help our suppliers to improve their processes from an environmental perspective.
  • We help our suppliers to improve social standards: living wages, working conditions, child labor, overtime.

We have concrete environmental goals: clean air and water

  • We have reduced our CO2 emissions in relation to production volume.
  • We have optimized our recycling.
  • We use green electricity, to the extent we can, in our stores and offices.
  • We use only FSC-certified paper products.
  • We buy carbon offsets for transports.
  • We use ISO-certified transports.