Our brand

Odd Molly is a brand that says YES to going its own way. Today Odd Molly is sold around the world. But our history started as a celebration of a skater girl named Molly in Venice Beach in the 80’s. By daring to break with conventions and follow her heart, she became Odd Molly’s muse, her joie de vivre and strength to go her own way reflected in every step we take. Odd Molly will always be inspired by, and fight for, more Mollys in the world.

Odd Molly is not just a fashion concept. Odd Molly is real. In everything we do – from our collections to our communication – we encourage girls to break with conventions and be true to themselves. With Molly’s spirit as a guide, we make life a little more enjoyable for ourselves and others.

We design vibrant collections ranging from clothing to home decor, making it possible for girls around the world to be, look and feel their best. Regardless of age or clothing size. And always with a conviction that beauty begins from within. More Mollys in the world!