Our collections

Odd Molly’s design has a unique style that is feminine, flattering and easy to wear. The key components are color, patterns and craftsmanship. The goal is to develop innovative collections that reflect the brand’s soul and have commercial appeal.

Sustainability is integrated into everything from the materials used to the production processes chosen, and the company continuously looks for new environmentally friendly materials. Everything should exude quality and feel like natural material.

The target group is girls of every age from different cultures – who want to feel good and look good.

The collection today is balanced between different product groups, between simpler and more decorative products, and between well-known and new products. Having more products in lower price groups helps to drive sales, while the more detailed pieces strengthen the brand – simply put. Odd Molly’s clothing is positioned in the upper mid-price segment. The foundation is clothing and accessories for girls, but development opportunities as a lifestyle concept are great.

The most important basis for the company’s development work is understanding who Odd Molly’s customer is – her lifestyle, preferences and dreams. She is defined and personified as Molly.