Our responsibilities

Odd Molly’s business is built on acting sustainably – preferably in collaboration with others in the industry and with outside partners. The aim is to take steps to further improve our CSR results. Odd Molly wants to do more to contribute positively and get more out of its sustainability work by systematically aiming toward clearly defined goals.

Sustainability is, and has always been, a given for Odd Molly. The process of formulating a new sustainability strategy began in 2016 and continued in 2018. The company dialogued with key stakeholders to better understand which issues they are most concerned about. Everyone in the company is engaged in some way in deciding what is most important for Odd Molly to focus on. Together, goals were formulated in the areas and the ways that Odd Molly will measure performance. The most important issues are working conditions, gender equality/women’s rights and environmental responsibility. The work is constantly developing, and the vision is to make a positive difference and contribute to more Mollys in the world.


Our vision

Odd Molly is to make a positive difference and contribute to more Mollys in the world.

Our overarching goals

We will…

  • Maximize the positive impact we have on the world and minimize negative impacts throughout our supply chain, from sourcing to sales.
  • Focus on the things that make a difference, that are important to our customers and positive for our business. We feel confident that our sustainability work is necessary to satisfy customers and contributes to long-term profitability.
  • Be active in the transition to a sustainable society. This is a given and is something we, our customers and other stakeholders all associate with Molly, our guiding light.

Our focus areas

We have divided up our sustainability work into three focus areas that are integrated in our business and the way we work.

  • MIND – Odd Molly has a sustainable concept and design.
  • HEART – Odd Molly inspires girls to go their own way.
  • CONSCIENCE – Odd Molly affects the world in a positive way. We want everyone who works with and for Odd Molly to be happy.

Our overarching goals

  • Our responsibility is to incorporate sustainability every day, in every decision and every choice we make, according to our values: mind, heart and conscience.
  • Our employees have the leeway to think on their own and make decisions that lead to a more sustainable society, the leeway to go their own way and develop to their full potential – just like Molly.
  • Our success is dependent on effective collaboration with our partners.