Our strategy

Odd Molly will profitably grow by continuing to create inspiring collections, strengthening the brand and developing new and existing sales channels and models. The corporate culture is rooted in quality, responsibility and engagement. At the end of 2018 Odd Molly reformulated its growth strategy to strengthen digital and international growth with lower costs, complexity and tied-up capital:

Brand and product range Odd Molly will strengthen its brand position with more streamlined product range.

Channels Odd Molly will refine its channel strategy with a focus online –_by increasing our own e-commerce and reducing the number of stores.

Expansion Odd Molly will focus on international growth through a licensing model outside main strategic markets.

Sustainability Odd Molly’s organization will maintain the highest quality, drive and engagement and be adapted to the company’s long-term needs and growth. Care for Odd Molly’s world will be reflected in everything we do.