Our strategy

Odd Molly will grow profitably by creating interesting collections, strong brands and developing existing and new sales channels and sales models. The corporate culture must be characterized by quality awareness, responsibility and participation. The growth strategy is to strengthen the company’s digital and international presence with reduced cost base, complexity and capital tied up by strengthening the brand position with a clear range, refining the channel strategy with a focus on online, focusing on international growth through partners and digital channels.

Furthermore, Odd Molly is implementing a strategic broadening of the business with a focus on gradually acquiring and developing attractive warehouse and logistics properties and being a challenger and growing player in the logistics market. Demand for well-located warehouse and logistics properties isĀ  strong and supported in the long term by the ongoing digitalisation and increasing use of e-commerce. Properties with long leases to stable tenants are prioritized and generate stable results, cash flows and value growth. The ambition is to continue to develop this business and increase its presence as a real estate player. The broadening will contribute positively to the Group’s financial conditions and thereby also support the ongoing strategic reorganization of the fashion business. As the operations in the various companies develop, the Group is also reviewed to ensure optimal legal structure. The evaluation includes the possibility of dividing the operations into two separate companies.