Board remuneration

The Chairman of the Board and other Directors received total remuneration of SEK 800 thousand (800) for 2017, in accordance with the resolution of the AGM.

The Chairman receives SEK 175 thousand per year and the other five Directors each receive SEK 125 thousand per year.

Remuneration to the CEO and senior executives

The CEO’s base salary for 2017 amounted to SEK 2,440 thousand (2,289). The CEO is entitled to a monthly pension provision corresponding to 30 percent of base salary. Pension expenses amounted to SEK 648 thousand (648) in 2017 The terms of the CEO’s remuneration package are resolved by the Board. The company and the CEO have agreed to a term of notice of 12 months if she is terminated by the company and 6 months is she resigns.

Senior executives refer to five persons, who together with the CEO formed the Group Management in 2017. In October the number of senior executives was reduced when the position of sales manager was eliminated.

Her salary is included through October in the total compensation figure for 2017. The base salaries paid to senior executives, excluding the CEO, amounted to SEK 5,077 thousand (5,095) for 2017. Odd Molly pays premiums to a defined-contribution pension plan corresponding to 16-23 percent of the total payroll expense. Pension expenses amounted to SEK 968 thousand (811) in 2017. Senior executives have a term of notice of 3–6 months.

Remuneration to the CEO and other senior executives has been paid exclusively by the Parent Company. Variable remuneration in the form of a bonus has been expensed for CEO Anna Attemark and Vice President Jennie Högstedt Björk in 2017. In 2016 a total of SEK 1,314 thousand was expensed.