Social responsibility

Odd Molly has been a member since 2009 of the The Fair Wear Foundation (FWF), an independent nonprofit dedicated to improving labor conditions for garment workers. Together with FWF, Odd Molly works actively to address labor conditions. As part of the collaboration, FWF conducts inspections of Odd Molly’s suppliers according to a joint plan.

FWF evaluates Odd Molly as a member to ensure that it is doing all it can to follow the plan and is effecting change together with its suppliers. These evaluations are published on FWF’s and Odd Molly’s websites. Grades range from “Needs improvement” to “Leader.” Odd Molly currently rates as “Good.”

The ultimate aim of FWF’s work and audits is to evaluate and improve conditions in Odd Molly’s current factories. The inspections are always scheduled in advance to maintain good relations with the suppliers and foster a dialogue on improvements.

Odd Molly achieved its goal to inspect suppliers of 90 percent of its annual production volume.

The main areas that are checked are:

  • Voluntary labor
  • Discrimination
  • Child labor
  • Freedom of association and right to collective bargaining
  • Living wages
  • Overtime
  • Safe and healthy working conditions
  • Legally binding employment relationships

The inspections showed that long-term improvements have to continue in the areas of living wages, awareness among workers and regulated overtime. FWF wants the factories not only to comply with current minimum wage laws, but pay living wages. The inspections have showed that this is an area still in need of improvement. Suppliers have expressed a willingness to follow the plans. Living wages remain the biggest challenge.

Two (four) new inspections were conducted in 2018, along with more than 25 follow-ups of previous inspections. Two (one) of Odd Molly’s suppliers participated in FWF’s worker training in 2018, with the goal to teach factories to make sustainable improvements on their own. It is still a challenge to increase awareness at factories, which Odd Molly will continue to focus on. FWF has a hotline that workers can call to report complaints or problems. The incidents and how they were handled are described at

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