Social responsibility

Odd Molly has been a member since 2009 of the Fair Wear Foundation, an independent nonprofit dedicated to improving labor conditions for garment workers. Together with the organization, Odd Molly is working actively and continuously on factory improvements. As part of the collaboration, the organization conducts inspections of Odd Molly’s suppliers according to a joint plan of action.

The Fair Wear Foundation continuously evaluates Odd Molly as a member to ensure that it is doing all it can internally to follow the plan and is actively effecting change together with its suppliers. These evaluations are published on the Fair Wear Foundation’s and Odd Molly’s websites. Grades range from “Needs improvement” to “Leader.” Odd Molly currently rates as “Good.”

The main goal of the foundation’s work and audits is to evaluate and improve conditions in Odd Molly’s current factories. The inspections are always scheduled in advance to maintain good relations with suppliers and foster to a dialogue on improvements.

Odd Molly achieved its goal to inspect suppliers of 90 percent of its annual production volume. The inspections showed that long-term changes must continue in the areas of living wages and regulated overtime. The Fair Wear Foundation wants the factories not only to comply with current laws on minimum wages but pay living wages. The inspections have shown that this is an area that can still be improved. Suppliers have expressed a willingness to follow the improvement plans.

Six new inspections were conducted 2016 as well as of follow-ups of previous inspections. Odd Molly meets the Fair Wear Foundation’s requirement that 90 percent of production volume is manufactured in factories that have been inspected in the last three years. Four of Odd Molly’s suppliers are involved in the Fair Wear Foundation’s worker training program to increase their level of knowledge and awareness so that the factories will be able to make sustainable improvements on their own.