The operations

Odd Molly has developed from a small company with a unique design idea into a well-established, customer-focused brand company with clothes for girls in many markets. At the head office in Stockholm there are competencies from design and purchasing to logistics and customer service. There is a sustainability idea in all parts from basic material to production and Odd Molly is constantly working to discover new environmentally friendly materials.


Odd Molly designs clothes that are feminine, flattering and easy to wear with a clear design language. Important design components are color, pattern and handmade details. The goal is to develop innovative collections that breathe the soul of the brand and are commercially interesting. The target group is girls of all ages and from different cultures – girls who want to feel and look good. The range has a balance between simple products and more decorated garments as well as between well-known products and news. More items in lower price groups contribute to driving sales, while more worked garments contribute to strengthening the brand. Everything should breathe quality and give a natural feeling.


Odd Molly has no own production facilities instead produces the collections from selected suppliers in Asia, Africa and Europe. With many handmade and complicated details in the garments, Odd Molly places particularly high demands on its suppliers. The choice of manufacturers is mainly based on product quality and delivery reliability, but ethical and environmental work also weighs heavily as well as an economically justifiable production.


Odd Molly works with a third-party logistics company that manages the distribution. The team in Stockholm is responsible for ensuring that the flow of goods from suppliers to the warehouse and from there to both its own retail operations, including, and external retailers is done smoothly. In order to contribute as much as possible to reducing carbon dioxide emissions, Odd Molly’s first choice of mode of transport is always boat freight or car freight from suppliers in Europe. Odd Molly regularly evaluates its transports to find optimal solutions.


Odd Molly coordinates its campaigns and offers in all channels, where the focus on digital presence is greatest. The customer club gives the members added value and is at the same time a very good tool for Odd Molly to be able to analyze the target group, behaviors and preferences. All marketing material is produced internally, but is adapted to each local market, where the company’s chosen partners are responsible for the daily brand management in their market. The combination of physical stores, the web and social media is becoming increasingly important, but representation at international fairs is also important.

Odd Molly has gained a strong knowledge, especially in Scandinavia, and in order to achieve a better development here and internationally, the brand needs to be strengthened. The work of revitalizing Odd Molly as a brand has begun, with a new expression, represented by strong ambassadors.


Most of Odd Molly’s sales are today in Western Europe, especially in Sweden, but with an increasing interest in the brand among others the USA, where Odd Molly has been around for several years. Odd Molly can be found in own stores, as well as in everything from personal fashion stores to trendy designer shops and well-known department stores. Sweden is Odd Molly’s first and largest market. Together with Germany, Switzerland, Finland and the US, the five largest markets accounted for 86 percent (88) of total sales in 2018. is open to trading in all EU countries, Switzerland and Norway as well as Australia and the USA. Sweden is the major engine in the web shop’s strong development, and the focus is to develop the markets outside the home market. The digital platform is also a very good source of analysis, statistics and information about customer behavior and purchasing patterns. The mix of web, physical store and showroom drives sales and is considered to be an important combination to reach the customer in all channels.


The fact that Odd Molly’s products are of high quality and can be used for a long time is central to the customer offering. The high quality is a strong contributing factor to Odd Molly’s loyal customer base.