The operations

Odd Molly has developed from a clothing brand for girls into an established lifestyle concept. The business model is flexible, the platform is solid and potential remains high. For a lifestyle concept like Odd Molly, there are plenty of opportunities. The aim is to develop the offering and grow together with the company’s current and prospective retailers and partners.

Odd Molly is strengthening its own sales channels alongside the external retailers that have been the company’s backbone since the start nearly fifteen years ago. Having its own sales channels gives Odd Molly a better understanding of the customer and a better tool to shape the next successful collection.


Odd Molly Stores

Odd Molly’s stores give it an opportunity to showcase its entire collection in an atmosphere designed specifically for the brand. Odd Molly stores all share the same distinctive design concept. Odd Molly feels that having more of its own stores better spotlights its lifestyle concept and gives all parties concerned a greater chance of increasing their sales. In 2016 eight new stores were opened, three of which are managed by partners, raising the total at year-end to 22 stores. The goal is to be seen and mentioned as the best store in every city where the company is established.


The outlets, located outside Stockholm and Göteborg, allow Odd Molly’s urban stores to shorten sales promotions and keep their merchandise fresh. At the same time the outlets extend sales on collections from earlier seasons.


The shop-in-shops – dedicated space within a store or department store – create a strong brand identity and make it easier to find Odd Molly merchandise in a multi-brand environment. Twelve new shop-in-shops were added during the year.

Web shop

A steadily growing share of Odd Molly’s sales are through the web shop, which since its start in 2011 has produced very strong growth and high profitability. This is the Group’s fastest growing channel. Odd Molly’s web shop is open in every EU country as well as Switzerland, Norway, Australia and the US. While Sweden is the engine for the web shop’s strong performance, the focus is on developing mainly in Norway, Finland, Germany and the US. The digital platform is also a very good source of analysis, data and information on customer preferences and buying patterns.